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When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appeared in front of millions of TV viewers to talk about their experience with racism, the media storm that followed had a few lessons in it for companies and recruiters as well. This is an age of round-the-clock news, social media trials, and heightened social awareness. Here, evidence of racist or discriminatory behaviour can be as much of a reputational risk for a brand or a business as it can be for a government institution.

Only last year, two senior-level women employees at Pinterest resigned on grounds of racism at the workplace. The tech…

We are familiar with Know Your Customer (KYC) checks being a financial sector norm. But KYC is becoming more necessary by the day for all major industries and businesses where clients and suppliers might present some kind of risk. Cases of identity fraud and data breaches have been increasing at an alarming pace, and companies can no longer ignore the eventuality of having to face such a crisis.

What do KYC checks involve?

In simple terms, KYC is a system for verifying the identity of clients, customers, suppliers, employees, and anyone else you might need to do business with. The…


Businesses are always at risk from the people they work with. This includes reputation risk from employees and fallout of bad hiring decisions. The potential damage to a business due to a hiring misstep can range from accelerated staff turnover to losses running up to thousands of dollars and pounds. But there are ways to minimise this kind of risk, and conducting reputation checks during recruitment is one such step for companies that practise good risk management

Why reputation checks are essential for good hiring

A growing number of employers are performing online checks on potential hires, with 70% of…

US Vice President Kamala Harris recently revealed that she had looked up her husband on Google before they started dating in 2013. If that was in the 2010s, performing reputation checks on the internet is an even more common practice now. Consumers do it with brands, clients do it with businesses, and jobseekers do it with potential employers every day.

Why worry about online reputation?

The impact of online reputation runs deep. 75% of businesses claim to be affected by online reviews, comments, and posts, and more than 50% of candidates prefer to learn more about an employer through websites…


Yoono provides high-quality online reputation checks, helping business to make smart decisions about the people they employ and work with.

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